People with Saturn in 3rd usually have some sort of difference in education wether they started late (usually) or perhaps earlier. 47) Ketu in 3rd house gives knowledge abut many languages in life. they also take a loving on astrology, earth signs like having random stuff as their profile picture (ex some dog or an anime picture), i genuinely dont think gemini venus is the type to cheat they just get bored and will tell you and find someone else they love maybe rather quickly let them be hoes not cheaters, libra venus are so balanced when it comes to boundaries like damn u really out here providing a HEALTHY relationship. Sun conj.Uranus, square Neptunenot easyBut I feel the Jupiter protection. Avoids, suppresses, or ashamed of sex drive and sexual desires. While my childhood was pretty pleasant (Venus in the 3rd house), my mother became very abusive to me as a teen and I ran away from home. uranus in 1st, we GET IT youre unique and different.. yet yall lack common sense but have the most intelligent random ideas?? I have some Astrology books on FB you could join. Now if you had said Neptune, not Uranus, I might be prone to agree. Lilith in 11th individuals could have troubling natures on the internet and perhaps more sexual. Chiron in the Tenth House of Astrology (Explained) - Wisdom Scorpio + Leo in a chart can make someone prone to being easily jealous. are super intelligent but are so looked over. To have a planet ingress into a new sign at the exact time of the full moon is extraordinary and very rare! a lot had rlly thin lips as well, with a REALLY pretty slim nose, aquarius risings are the ceo of having really nice thick eyebrows!! Venusians are naturally attracted to pink / red. 20) Venus in Pisces along with Moon or Jupiter can make one a very famous songwriter or poet and storyteller. If they suspect you.. its over.. theyll play their cards right until they get exactly what they need to see. Another type of chart placement is the Nodes of the Moon. intuitive & astrologer readings are closed HIATUSSS! If they are within 10 degrees, they are first house so they are not 12th house. Libra placement women after giving birth would most likely look the same or objectively better. Everyone thought they were so fucking weird yet they were so likeble. (Theory), Lilith in 4th in Synastry could indicate the mother could be envious of the connection. I don't have anything that interesting. This work belongs to me and me only, I dont wanna see this posted anywhere else. Did I? especially sagittarius moons, wanna make a libra placement like you? They have since young seen vivid images of the future and may have experienced Deja Vu. He was born in a traditional Brahmin family in India West Bengal near Kolkata, The City Of Joy, one of Indias major cities. Read on to to discover how the unique Saturn conjunct Pluto energies will impact all of us in 2020! Later in life Saturn will reward for the hard work. I have sun, lilith and mercury in taurus12house and conjunction Aries 9orb. I also have Uranus and Neptune conjunct Sun. Let others know when they absolutely crossed the line. Pluto in Scorpio individuals tend to be more inclined to be witches and most of them are probably disappointed in Pluto in Sagittarius individuals for not handling Witchcraft maturely. GET YOUR BIRTH CHART:www.astro.comIn this series I'll be addressing the best career for your zodiac sign. They tend to gain peoples trust easily because they are very calm and analytical they notice everything. Dealing with them is like dealing with a sunburn. Vocal and Singing Talent in the Birth Chart Sun in 6th tells me that when you finally put boundaries up, no one respects them. Me gusta mehor Juanes and Elephante. They tend to put unrealistic standards on themselves. They are very kind people and wouldnt ever harm anyone, this can go very far and they may let people walk all over them. Earth risings just seem designed so carefully. They tend to be older than their classmates. It differs with each planet. People with North Node in Leo may have dreamt of being recognized for their talents and artistic abilities, may have wanted to grow up as a princess or prince when very young. May meet & be-friend older people online and that could cause karma. Your purpose in life is to heal this and to transmute this somehow. Its a planet that craves deep, soulful connections, and oftentimes this is achieved via spiritual practices (not necessarily religion, but yoga, breathwork, meditation, etc.). Again, the orbs are key. Cancer rising women after giving birth tend to grow bigger breasts and overall body weight when giving birth and tend to become more curvaceous from what Ive noticed. Check out my throughout alma post. Gemini placements tend to do things quite fast like eating fast. You can rely on them for advice. Essential Dignity in Astrology: Planets Exalted or in Domicile The exaltation of Jupiter in watery Cancer makes you more emotional. Libra + Pisces placements in a chart makes someone really into aesthetics and most likely into Anime too. - Tumblr It makes for a Divine Protection. Mercury in Cancer adapt to the type of communication their loved ones prefer. According to Placidus, Aries is intercepted in 12th with Moon conjunct Chiron and Eris there. By studying the placements and aspects in our natal charts, we can decode our personal strengths, weaknesses, and reappearing themes in our lives. 43) Sun in 1st house with Mercury or Jupiter gives success and marriage after 25 years of age. Mars, venus,mercury, nept and uranus. Moon Square Uranus may find their mother very annoying or invading, they could be a bit distant as well. Pisces placements growing up were most likely told their eyes were big or/and very pretty. And I forgot to mention that it is exactly conjunct part of fortune and quintile pluto (1*08 degrees). :/. What do people usually forget to look at for rare findings in the birth chart? Nessus in your article, but wouldnt this be also be quite significant? Understand it in the normal way youd understand the rising signs in the natal chart but in more of a subtle way + your natal rising sign combined will be the ultimate vibe + first impression. Your email address will not be published. (Not a serious crush). Air placements (Especially Venus) are very open to ideas in relationships which why as I stated before in another Astro Observation that they are prone to being in open relationships (Gemini & Aquarius the most or 3rd & 11th houses) or at least not dismiss the idea of it completely, but if you are not fun or dont entertain them the least everything else good about you will not matter to them. The moon governs unconscious realms is a natural ruler of how we process our intuition. Also look at the ruler of the 7th house. People with Venus in 3rd may have had crushes easily in their childhood or people had crushes on them easily. Work on being more confrontational cause trust me you can see and feel through everything. they should draw their imagination, its really beautiful, cancer moons probably have felt their families emotions when younger or probably still do! I always believed that having a Water rising will always tone down and make the natal chart more softer. Leo moons have really big hearts ( Leo rules the heart) These people have really big hearts and are very compassionate. Then, you look at the houses where your planets fall into, and those energies combine to. In another tread we also talked about it, I post it here. @astrology-flower / Scorpio placements find it very hard to not get obsessive over their hobbies. How can I not be with her as my mother and my skin problems and the scarring it has done to me? airbnb with pool in detroit, michigan; firefly axolotl for sale twitter; super bowl 2022 halftime show memes instagram; what happened to suzanne pleshette voice youtube There were some freaky coincidences sometimes. They really reflect on what happened. Do you have this. How to Identify Overall Patterns on Your Astrological Birth Chart - dummies leo risings tend to have really nice eyes that are glowy and kind of big? Virgo mars is very common Scorpio moon is pretty rare Mars in cancer is rare Aries ascendant hella rare Aqua and Libra ascendant common Last edited: May 23, 2020 F Faeriegold General Manager Joined Jul 14, 2019 Messages 2,475 Reactions 13,406 56 32 Alleybux 56,870 Or very nice eyes, something is usually remarkable from these people. (Especially Gemini placements), Gemini placements, especially the Mercury may learn sign language. Trine Moon (1 degree) pisces risings.. we get it.. the only compliment you get is from your eyes.. mars opposition / square pluto.. be careful of your words yall scar people .. yall have anger issues too, pisces placement culture is having to put 1000 alarms because your sleepy ass cant wake upcant even see the snooze button , leo venus culture is being loyal asf but loving attention too much. Many people with this aspect are crazy and have bipolar and schizophrenia. theyre good now, aquarius moons we get it you can pull both genders cause youre hot asf, neptune in 3rd yall make too many typos its like youre not even seeing your keyboard, gemini moons stop crying cause you got mad that the website wouldnt load in 5 secs, yall have anger issues, aries moons yall always have headaches and have to sleep 24/7 to fix them, scorpio mercuries, not everyone is out to get you sometimes people just wanna say hi, leo venuses yall love talking shit its your favorite thing, but will cry if your individuality complex isnt being boosted in a simple conversation, sagittarius mars take the trash out and stop watching anime and do your homework. Will give off a venusian vibe more. There is a pure testosterone-beauty. With North node in 12th these individuals attract people who wanna push them on a different path. People with Saturn in Virgo are very picky and are prone to not liking what they do often, they feel as if they have to be better. You just know there is more. 4. Because of this they hate when people try to interrupt their peace asking so many questions this may seem normal however I have seen a lot of times Capricorn placements do not like being asked questions they see as no sense they dont like small talk, get to the point with them they can see through it! pisces sun tend to have pale skin or freckles lol idk ive noticed that i know its not the rising but i have noticed that pattern. But its true, sometimes I feel really lucky. they lowkey be judging everybody. A lot of you have to learn how to be more direct like an Aries mars. Aquarius moons naturally relate to Virgo moons from what Ive noticed. Cancer placements you guys are so nostalgic for no reason youll be graduating and you all will randomly think of something 10 years ago. ( Libra in 7th). Funny! However, you somewhat know this and prefer to be more emotionally unavailable, but this isnt the healthy way to deal with energy drains from environments / situations, prioritize yourself and your well-being. Mercury gets vastly better with time, which I believe has to do with the heavy Leo influence in my chart however the 12th house sun continues to be a mystery to me. Yall are naturally admired & people close to your circle get good luck. They always wanna make sure theyre safe and always motivate them to a healthy lifestyle. The three major components of your natal chart are your sun sign, moon sign, and ascendant. Hi beautiful souls! Me gusta, mucho, mucho. Western astrology had its origins in ancient Mesopotamia, and spread throughout Egypt, Greece, the Roman Empire, and the Islamic world. The conjunction will produce the strongest resultspsychic abilities are indicated, followed by the trine and then the sextile. Sun in 7th individuals are attracted to very confident rather proud individuals and they need this influence anyway, they tend to be insecure and rely on others for validation. Pluto in 12th could have scary and vivid dreams. These people may win on having the last say on things. Its said the sign of your 11th is how your friend sees you / how you take care of your friends. Cancer Venuses & Moon (Overall placements Perhaps) love making promises in relationships, breaking a promise no matter how small it was, will really mess with them. Its important for Air dominants / placements to go out the fresh air, it could relax them. You must really be over Pluto and Saturn's slow crawl over all seven planets. They also create a sense of nostalgia for a lot of people. Pluto - Ascendant individuals did/ do you guys ever feel like you were being watched? People with Venus in 6th / Venus in Virgo tend to stay single for a while and they are not the type to be with someone else right after a break up. I was thinking earlier in life about maybe opening my own business but in my chart Ive got Saturn in my 2nd house and my entire sign of Aquarius (individuality, eccentricity and experiencing or going out and/or receiving the unexpected and the right out of left field) is intercepted in that house. They may have a very elegant way of walking. Very interesting Dreaminess--never thought of looking at numerology for I'm wondering if I know any 11s! People with Jupiter in 3rd from what Ive noticed, tend to have a LOT of siblings. but a lot of people with this placements suffer from a lot of intrusive thoughts. 2, Mercury combust the Sun ( 1-5 degree orb) When asked what our "sign" is, most of us respond with our sun sign. In our birth charts, the moon rules our inner needs and our intuition. (Check other placements). Yes, you are quite right,Sims. True but the void still remains and functions. In western astrology, the appearance is sourced by the sun and the ascendant, however, in Vedic astrology, the appearance is sourced by the moon and the ascendant. I like it conj the SUn and ASC. (Theory I made but also some research behind this). People with Pholus asteroid (#5145) very prominent in their chart tend to be self destructive / changing. Maybe just a Yod. (Vedic Astrology + more on my blog<3), Theory I made but also some research behind this). Also if your sun, moon, or ascendant is in an air sign that is in 24 degrees or more, then you are more likely to embody those eyes of the water signs because in Vedic astrology . Aries placements / Mars in 1st tend to be very more dominant in their ways of thinking & wouldnt change their ways so easily. I have the Water Void. They really sting you. theyre not the type to go over the top, sagittarius mars are usually really protective over their friends, just something ive noticed but theyre really protective + theyre never scared to stand up for themselves or others. Jupiter Conjunct Venus I call this "Big Love" This person glows with love. Venus in Gemini / Venus in Air signs may be okay with being friends they once had a silly crush on. It will make a much more direct / blunt influence (1,13,25,37,49). They know value! Add Juipiter tightly conjunction Descendant, I think these people can be really optimistic about others And let down easily. Youre sad and need validation? Cancers ruling planet is the moon, so its potency and power are enhanced with this placementyou cant really get much more psychic than this. Do not repost, plagiarize, reword my work. 41) Rahu in 6th house alone makes native gains from litigation and court cases in life. If the 12th house planets are Conj. And everytime I forgot to bring them, that same day, the door of the house would be unlocked. abandoned places? Pluto in 10th may attract people who think they dont deserve their success. Pluto in 10th likes when other people are intimidated by them like yall feel like you have POWER. If you follow the lunar cycle, youll likely notice flashes of intuitive insight on new and full moons. But, it comes through the mind a lot. As our collective consciousness continues to shift and astrology becomes more mainstream and widely accepted, more people are placing stock in the occult: lunar cycles, energy clearing rituals, crystals, and arguably most importantly, intuition. They have a lot on their minds. Do not repost, plagiarize, reword, copy, do not claim as your own. The north node reveals where we are headed during this lifetime and the south node reveals where we have been. 27) Saturn-Jupiter if aspects each other in horoscope or in conjunction sitting together in any house will give wealth from the age of 34 till the old age. cancer rules 4th house! I just realized I have Moon conjunct Dejanira and Dejanira conjunct Child, a little over two degrees and a little under two degrees respectively, in Virgo, 11th house. It doesn't only have to be aspects, but anything from obvious to more unnoticeable things from someones birth chart that makes you think "wow, I've never seen that before". Attractive Astrology GET YOUR BIRTH CHART:www.astro.comIn this series I'll be addressing the best career for your zodiac sign. Scorpio mercuries / 8th mercuries always amaze me. I have Nessu/NN conjunct and a stellium in Libra in 6th House. Often misunderstood. The Basic House Rulers23 Simple Steps for Beginners. Gemini mercuries tend to talk really fast to let all their thoughts out and people could ask them to slow down at times. For example a lot like working out at a specific time. The IV House is ruled by Cancer and the XII is ruled by Pisces, two of the most intuitive planets of the zodiac. Their hidden enemies tend to be very nit-picky too and tend to attract people who try to bring them down. These placements in Aries indicate bold new initiatives that can be made, complementing the rising sign (soul purpose) of . 3. Venus in scorpio could do well with another venus in scorpio. Virgo placements & Libra placements tend to feel really guilty when asking for help from what Ive noticed. And there were many other coincidences like these in my life where I was lucky. ------------------ Want to Read Simple, Fun,Sexy Articles on Astrology? Do all people with this aspect do such? uranus square midheaven probably would get into a lot of scandals in their career if theyre not aware of what they say / do! I need to connect with fellow 12th houuse Saggitarians with Venus risings in Capricorn.I am singer too Both revered and feared, the goddess Lilith has long been a symbol of the she-who-will-not-be . No matter how hard you try to tell yourself it doesnt matter, you know negativity gets to you at times, you shut yourself down. Lol. People with North node in 11th tend to always have very high hopes and always have dreamt and hoped since a young age. Gemini placements astrology creators may like to post astrology observations more than anything because it lets them express their thoughts without a responsibility of keeping order & track of what they are writing. So many people have tried to dim your light, because youre quite literally the sun. Their mother may have made them eat very healthily. It doesnt matter if theyre introverted, they know how to make people feel special. Escho musica por que me gusta mucho. Gemini placements tend to have hooded eyes from what Ive seen or more smaller shaped. They tend to gain peoples trust easily because they are very calm and analytical they notice everything. One worse manifestation can be= Nudes leaked all over the internet or personal info they confided in someone leaked), personal advice would be to be careful and remember youre not doomed because of a placement. Venus square Ascendant youre literally beautiful stop trying to change yourself.. you fit in. Change Your Mind Change Your Life. Lilith in 10th individuals (Choose whatever Lilith) tend to have people trying to tame them down or control them in career life and perhaps spread rumors. Scorpio energy has the power to trigger people on what they hide. do not repost, plagiarize, reword my observations. It is the same kind of aspect but the abuse seems to be less severe. Leo risings / placements (developed) know when to cut off negative energy / people in their life!! But when it comes to yourself youre very critical and obsess over things that have a very small influence, you start to think if that is your reflection towards the world. Shape: Dot. Mars in 5th individuals tend to get a random burst of creativity out of nowhere. (Vedic Astrology + more on my blog<3). The closer the degree, the worse. People with Saturn in 6th generally are prone to anxious feelings / thoughts and over-work themselves too much and their standards for themselves are very high. Finding Jesus is all that really matters in life. A lot of you have to learn how to be more direct like an Aries mars. Jupiter is one of the best to have in the 12th. Mercury - Lillith aspects (Or Scorpio Mercury) love to solve mystery. Taurus stelliums may comfort a lot of people just by being present. Though not an exhaustive list below are my favorite archetypes to look for in the chart as a way of appreciating your unique blend of witchy-ness based on your natal astrology placements: Black Moon Lilith // Instinct & Dismantling Power Structures. Mars - Pluto people NEVER stop what they wanna do and just keep working and working and working hard, it goes unseen that this is a workaholic placement. I find that my Sun conj. In astrology 1st house or Lagna represents one self. Hear me outttt, juno in 11th can indicate getting married online, I hear a lot of people assume aries mars= angry mf, no no no CANCER MARS will cry and piss themselves when their toxic ex dont text back.. sorry. cancer risings have the cutest round noses.. i keep simping for yall LMAO. Please remind your local Virgo rising that they are beautiful and loved. (Check other placements). If not, I would not. Someone with Virgo and Gemini placements tend to be very anxious and omg the headaches these people get because the over-thinking. Every native with 12th house planets must fight a hard fight. like every single part of their face was so perfect kind of like they were designed?? This enhances psychic abilities and feelings, and means we factor in our sixth sense with our decision-making process. Also why are so gemini moons interested in astrology?? However, if you want me to help you to find Jesus, that is why I am here. Example; Midheaven in Sagittarius; Nice butt/ Legs. 2, Mercury combust the Sun( 1-5 degree orb). However, people tend to misunderstand their abilities. A lot love the night too & looking at the moon. Example; Closed the door, but for some reason they convinced themselves they didnt. Ive noticed they may have hard time expressing what they truly mean. I want to know what are really rare or special aspects or placements--that when you read that person's chart, you will say, "This is a very rare and special person" For example--I've heard when the chart makes a star, you are meeting someone quite amazingor when all planets are Direct **We are ALL special in my bookbut you get what I mean.. Posts: 73551From: Pluto/house next to NickiGRegistered: Sep 2010. The Moon represents attractive appearance. Aquarius venuses only want a best friend & lover in both. However, theyre very good at hiding some weirder parts of themselves at first. 12th house placements constantly feel out this world and that they dont belong, theyre very unique and precious individuals and have a lot of unique talents they discover on in life. Whatever planet and maybe the sign over your 4th house could tell you potentially the aura and perhaps the physical looks of your house. People with Mercury in 6th for example may like to write / communicate their thoughts. Uranus in 8th / 5th individuals may have quick random hookups. Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. The more you can spot of these indicators of musical ability, the stronger it is in your chart. Rest of my planets are in earth, fire and air. Can you relate to my articles on it? Whatever planet is in your 1st, you will attract or / and people confuse you of. Scorpio moon is a very psychic placement but not a lot of people mention this enough. The closer the degree, the worse. Moon in Aries individuals could have a mother who motivated them to try out a lot of things for example sports early on. Pluto in 10th individuals especially Women are most likely to be used by men. (Theory). Pluto in 10th individuals may hide secrets from the public eye & do it very well. 13) Saturn-Rahu in 10th house can make one a successful Industrialist or Entrepreneur. Our intuition is a muscle, and we have the ability to flex it and work it out. Yes, Jupiter is retrograde. And specifically in this seco. On that basis you'd assume Mercury, which never strays more than about 28 degrees from the Sun is quite commonly here or in an adjacent sign. 1) Sun-Venus- Mercury combination in any house will give you good height in your career from the age of 30 or sometimes 33. Cancer placements are most effected by their periods and they tend to be more intuitive during those times too. They provide everyone a safe home especially for venting and etc. Just a few thoughts: I dont have Chiron conjunct the Ascendant, but I was severely bullied when I was younger, actually afraid for my life at one point. 7) Saturn and Mercury and Sun in 12th house together gives success in Engineering or Management Field in Foreign land.
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