I met him when he was my freshman philosophy professor at Yale and he was working on The Lonely Labyrinth, his landmark analysis of the gloomy Danish anti-rationalist philosopher Soren Kierkegaard. The Zapruder film gives a much closer view of the action, and of whatever may have landed on the trunk as a result of JFK's devastating wound which might suggest a shot from the front a possibility that would raise serious questions about the official narrative of the assassination, that JFK was shot from behind. America had been a bad boy. Otherwise, the first two or three frames after 132 should be blotchy due to a heavier exposure to light, until the film corrects its speed. One can measure the time it took for the three assassination shots (one missed) to be firedwhich the Warren Commission concluded was slightly under six secondsand then calculate how long a single shooter would take to shoot, reload, resight, shoot again, reload, resight and shoot again. Its DINO Brugioni, and much of the interview is Horne interjecting his false interpretations. He was not, he emphasizes, trying to solve the JFK assassination or take on any of its larger questionshe just wanted to nail down one little factoid, which had metastasized into a full-blown conspiracy theory of its own, complete with secret KGB-type weaponized rain gear. They cant all be right. Bill and Gayle Newman. that large tree, and thats where I saw the shot come from.. As the film progresses, his wound morphs. Clearly there is a backward movement, but . the whole pattern is thrown off. Which brings us back to the dining room of Errol Morris hotel and the six-minute film he made about the Umbrella Man in the Zapruder film. It is one of the very reasons I closed my Facebook account in April of 2020. Im curious, the Zapruder film indicates no slow down of the limo by the fence. In other words, multiple takes. Zapruder would blur his film at frame 331, 1/6th of a second after the bullets impact. Pam Grier reflects on her most iconic roles, from Coffy to Jackie Brown They didnt want us to see Mrs. Kennedy in such a precarious position on the trunk. Its endlessly haunting and disturbing, he says. I never trust tapestries or a conveniently hung drape. Still poised in position while LIFE Magazine stands around, capturing their drama for the nation. Grappling with the power of Abraham Zapruder's grimly immortal footage, one fraction of a second at a time. You dont simply turn a reel of film off and on again without a slight hiccup in the presentation. The message can be seen from frames 25 to 41, 92 to We have already heard Jean explain that she jumped into the street as the Lincoln passed and there is no recorded documentation of any such action. This is only in slow-motion.. Its like a little metal stabbing thing that can be fired, without a gunshot sound, can lodge itself in the flesh and be fatal.. This amounts to a running time of precisely 28 seconds. The whole purpose of all alterations was to add more symbolisms. And it would be so much easier to dismiss the impression of a frontal shot as an illusion, because otherwise youd have to doubt the conclusion of the Warren Commission that Lee Harvey Oswald, who was positioned behind the president, was the lone gunman. As of frame 332, he still hasnt mounted the car, but at least he is visible. I would note that In Hornes interview Brugioni stated that he had counted the number of frames in the Zapruder film. This is also the precise moment when Jean is said to have looked into the direction of the Texas School Book Depository and saw Jack Ruby making his getaway. The sun is shining. Had he stuck around to film another moment, as any curious person with an 8mm logically would, everything he and others had planned so long for might have been compromised. Nothing but a stump of head. Like this film much more evidence was destroyed or altered that night to include the limousine evidence. Due to a planned power outage on Friday, 1/14, between 8am-1pm PST, some services may be impacted. Pulling back curtains. So here is Tink, Morris says, taking us back to Thompsons Life magazine days, hunkered down over the Zapruder film looking at it frame by frame by frame. ===== Sean wrote: Let's cut to the chase and let us know which frames in Zapruder were altered, around what date, and by which means-what kind of process. Only the man with a construction helmet seemingly remains the same in each one, and hes been identified as an agent. If any frames were missing in these intervals none of this would work out with such mathematical precision. It is spooks who create our perceived reality and then spooks who inform our opinions about it. We are expected to believe that Zapruder shut his camera off at frame 132 and then started it up again at frame 133, some 30 seconds later, while the crowd remains standing frozen in time, completely motionless. There are no patterns. We see it blown up and thrown back. I ask Morris about my theory of grief underlying the obsession with the assassinationthat we underestimate the shock of it. All the alterations of Zapruder film were very primitive and totally unable to hide anything. Its not like Zapruder was facing in the direction of the Book Depository Building or the grassy knoll, suspected location of the first and second shooters. The Zapruder film, silent but in color, shows a motorcade led by two open-top limousines proceeding at a stately pace through a street lined with people. There is an item to his left. The shot was fired from the TSBD at 325 to impact at 328 and Zapruder blurred his film at 331, 6 frames later just as he had for the previous shot from the TSBD fired at 221 with an accompanying blur at 227, 6 frames later. And this threw everything up for grabs. The Warren Commission was nothing more than a script, written and fleshed our by Freemasons. A grassy knoll, from where some believe a second assassin fired, was out of view to his right. There have been arguments that this is a kind of optical illusionthe most convincing to me being that JFK had been hit from behind after the previous frame, 312, slamming his chin forward to his chest, and his head was rebounding backward in Frame 313. The Texas School Book Depository, the building where investigators found empty shells and a rifle, was out of view to Zapruder's left. Learn how your comment data is processed. Re:R. Andrew Kiel-you are " Spot On ". The whole JFK assassination was a ritual, the alterations were also a ritual. I believe these Also, according to The Wikipedia, Hill stated that after the firing stopped she saw a white man wearing a brown overcoat and a hat running west away from the Depository Building in the direction of the railroad tracks. In this interesting piece for WhoWhatWhy Millicent Cranor addresses the obvious issues: if the Z-film was altered, other photography at the crime scene should contain images not found on the Z-film. Theres Jean Hill in her red coat, positioned next to Mary Moorman, precisely where they were last seen in the Zapruder film. The official narrative claims George H.W. 155 and the bottom 2/3 is frame 157. This is a problem because Zapruder's 8 mm Bell & Howell displayed no fade in exposure while it slowed down and then started back up again. Why did nobody else but Zapruder and a handful of witnesses have the same idea? "Y ou're the one that makes the beautiful movies.". If Kennedy truly was shot in Dallas, Texas, and somebody happened to be filming it, then why not show the unaltered footage? Since the Comments section for the original WhoWhatWhy article is long since closed, I will attempt to comment here: Like the person who posted the one-word comment at the latter, it appears to me that by the time the key frames appear in the respective videos, Zapruder was significantly farther aft of the limousine than was Nix and thus the apparent differences *could* be due to parallax. When asked, George H.W. On frame 329 you can see him in the inter sprocket area just mounting the rear of the limo. Its a process that is still going on, monitored by former Washington Post reporter Jefferson Morley on his website JFKfacts.org. By denying that image, Frame 313, I think he was trying to protect himself, protect America., Protect a certain stable view of the world? If a man that powerful, that young, that rich, that successful, can just be wiped off the face of the earth in an instant, what does it say about the rest of us?. Some have felt frames were excised where Zapruders camera stops initially and then motorcade proceeds down Elm. This is the detectives nightmare. compositing artifact, mutated with the merging together of multiple film sources. (1) her hand is off the trunk, and is as high as the drivers side handhold; (2) her right hand extends all the way to the end of the trunk, as far as Clint Hills; (3) her right arm is now parallel to it the trunk. My favorite quote in my favorite movie review, he says, appeared in a 1941 review of Citizen Kane by [the great Argentine fabulist Jorge Luis] Borges and it contained Borges quoting, as he often did, [British writer G.K.] Chesterton, who said there is nothing more frightening than a labyrinth with no center. Someone told the other a dirty joke. James Norwood, a retired professor of Humanities, University of Minnesota, was perhaps the first to point out what seems to be a definitive discrepancy: In the Zapruder film of the assassination, Jackie goes only just beyond the middle of the trunk before retreating. In their haste, the purported hoaxers left behind evidence of tampering. OBTW, that's plenty of time for a limo stop. For some reason perhaps to sell his book, perhaps? And we know that he is hit in such a way that matter was ejected from the back of his head.. Once Zen and company release the official schedule I plan on scheduling a TUC meetup. I found that the letters spelled out "KODACHROME II" and "SAFETY FILM". An updated edition of his book, Explaining Hitler: The Search for the Origins of His Evil is being published by DaCapo/Perseus Books. sold the film to Time-Life for the sum of $150,000 - about $900,000 dollars in today's money. where this cameraman was standing. Autopsy photos clearly show that the Presidents face was undamaged. Not so. Yahuah is truly amazing. Ive always been skeptical of the theory Abraham Zapruders home movie of JFKs assassination has been altered. They believe that when he raised the umbrella it was a signal for the assassins?, As in all of these theories, there are multiple versions, there are variants. Zapruder film: Jackie only gets as far out on the trunk as seen in frame 375. Theyll rear you in the craft and then bus you out to the event for free. Topics Zapruder, Film, Frames, JFK, Kennedy, Oswald. Nevertheless, bootleg copies circulated, helping to generate the first wave of assassination conspiracy theories and Warren Commission critics. There are no frames missing from the Zapruder film. In summary, Dino Bruglioni appears to have gotten the unaltered original Zapruder film on Saturday night. He offers no evidence that a weaponized umbrella was fired that day or that a poison flchette was found in JFKs flesh. sprocket hole area at regular intervals. WhoWhatWhy. However, this finding was reached based on the last-minute introduction of acoustic evidence, a Dictabelt recording made by a motorcycle cop walkie-talkie purportedly positioned so that it seemed to have picked up a fourth shot (and thus a second assassin) fired from the direction of the grassy knoll in front of the president. Now that we have thoroughly established that spooks had their hand in every element of the Kennedy assassination, I should pause here and remind my reader that spooks have been making themselves known to me in recent months, and in a number of ways. Certainly not too hot. And now we are on the subject of the Zapruder film. Zapruder did not start filming again at frame 133. Thompson has had an extraordinary, colorful career. As of 333, he is just about to mount the car, but has not even touched the car yet. Jean maintained until her dying day, and she testified to this from the very get-go, that she jumped out into the street the very moment the Lincoln passed and cried: Hey, Mr. President, look over here! I decided to find out if this message was at a regular In a recorded interview in 2011 by Peter Janney, Bruglioni agreed with the eyewitnesses (and Zapruder's partner Erwin Schwartz) that the frame 313 in the Zapruder film was not what he had seen. I hope to see my readers there! I personally interviewed crisis actors after the 2017 Las Vegas shooting, and I can tell you that inconsistent crises actors are a dime a dozen. But theres a mystery about death., I believe massive heart attacks. Where are all the people? that 155, 156 & 208 to 211 were the only missing frames, I measured We arrive now at frame 313. In other words, multiple takes. Figure 5 shows Zapruder Frames Z313-Z316, which capture the "back and to the left" motion exhibited by the President immediately after the bullet impact. The original Zapruder film, locked away since 1978 in the National Archives in a storage vault kept at 25 degrees, is not intact. David Lifton argues in The Great Zapruder Film Hoax (2004) that: "Abraham Zapruder. Just look how much she can move her hand between two adjacent frames in Zapruder film. There are four films of the assassinationthey are consistent. The first thing you should notice is that Zapruder abruptly cut filming at frame 132. Something else going against these agents is, with all due respect to old people, they were old people by the time they claimed these things, and old age can lead to misremembering things. There should be hundreds filling this one print alone. Videos Zapruder Film - 1st Dan Rather CBS TV News Description 25 Nov 1963 Zapruder Film - 2nd Dan Rather CBS TV News Description 25 Nov 1963 This is probably a good place to remind everyone that I love my family, am not on psychotropic drugs, and have never once thought about committing suicide. Which brings us to the double irony: Morris and Thompsons attempt to nail down this one tiny factoid ended up getting them linked to the coverup by a conspiracy theorist. We like to feel that the world is safe, Errol Morris tells me. Below is a Zapruder film sequence running from Z133-Z206. That gives one a lot of scenes to use elsewhere. 2nd & 3rd is 48; 3rd & 4th is 50 5/8; 4th & 5th is 47 7/8; Not even John Wilkes Booth could accomplish that task. The more probable explanation is that Kennedy never received a head wound to begin with. As to the informative Carol Hewitt article, Silencers, Sniper Rifles & the CIA, she states, [m]anipulating the sound of a gun shot can be accomplished in varying degrees through the use of sub-sonic ammunition, suppressors, and silencers. Having considerable experience with all of the above, I believe the term silencer is but another common but misleadingly inaccurate term for a suppressor, rather than a separate category of sound reduction device. Perhaps we shall save Sasquatch and the 1967 PattersonGimlin film for another outing. His accused killer. Even President James Buchanan would have a larger turnout. Regardless, here we are. And Im going. Something looks not right there. Thompson concluded that Oswald wouldnt have had the time to get off all three shots himself andafter working with Lifes copy of the Zapruder filmhe published his findings in Six Seconds in Dallas, one of the first strictly forensic books critical of the Warren Commission, a book even Bugliosi speaks respectfully of, though he disagrees with it. The Zapruder film disagrees with all other evidence. But we know thats all part of the psyop. Nobody else took any frames from the film, but Zapruder didn't film several seconds of the John F. Kennedy's motorcade as it was passing through the Dealey Plaza in Dallas. Or so we're led to believe. Had Walter Cronkite simply told America their president was dead, then they would have believed him. All this time, people have been talking about the Zapruder film, in singular, when the term "Zapruder films" is more accurate in certain contexts. A Secret Service agent told her after the attack that another agent, watching from the courthouse, saw a bullet strike at my feet. Mm-hmm, Jean. But after that day in Dallas, he could no longer pick up that camera. If my work frustrates or bores you, then I highly suggest doing your own research. Is that the mysterious Babushka lady standing stage left? Don Thomas span of shots: Z326-Z175= 151 frames (=8.25 seconds). George H.W. * Note 1: Frame 157 is a splice. Agent Zapruder was a 33 degree Freemason, and Jean Hill was in on it. Or so were led to believe. There are also a couple of numbers and symbols between these two phrases The above screenshot just arrived in my mailbox the other day, and its not the first. You know, Ill never really know what killed my brother and my father, who died both at a very, very early age. I dont want to hear people misinterpreting the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle. showed Dino Brugioni Z313 and Dino said the headshot was different on the original film. "The Great Zapruder Film Hoax" is the third in a series of books edited by Jim Fetzer comprised of various essays and white papers dealing with . The future Director of the CIA made Kennedy go away. Of course. Her story seems less and less likely with every retelling. 48. It truly was the end of the 50s. Thompson eventually became so intrigued by unsolved mysteries that he left a comfy job in academia behind to become a private eye (his memoir is called Gumshoe: Reflections in a Private Eye). Similarly, are there other accounts/interviews with anyone that watched the original film on that Saturday morning (Nov 23) that would support film alteration?? I believe this pattern proves the The top portion is frame 208 and the bottom portion is 212. is frame 208 and the bottom portion is 212. On November 22, Jean Hill gave a statement to the police where she stated: Mary Moorman started to take a picture. Perhaps you are beginning to see where Im going with this. An excellent article, Ms. Cranor! It changes shape as he falls into his wifes lap. Here we also find that the parked automobiles beyond Dealey Plaza will change their appearance. In trying to understand conspiracy theorists, I used to think that what conspiracy theorists were really doing on some level was grieving, their fantasies a form of displaced love for JFK, but Ive come to think the love involved is mostly self-love, their self-congratulatory assertion of superiority over mere facts. Look how few people witnessed the actual shooting at Dealey Plaza. So it seems, I start to say when the voice-over cuts in with the final version: This version zooms in on the image as much as possible without causing deterioration. Frames 341, 350 and 486 were omitted from the DVD publication. An analysis of the photo pins the running woman as somewhere in the range of 7 feet tall. Welcome. The Woman in Red furthermore stated that she received death threats and that the brake lines of her automobile were cut after the assassination. In case you were wondering, Cosmology is not a couch for me to recline on while you pull out a monocle and a notebook and attempt to assign my pedigree of insanity. You may notice in the Zapruder film that various photographers are poised and ready for action on the south side of Elm, just across from the motionless crowd. The Earth Not a Globe Review: Volume I and The Legends of the Jews: Volumes I-IV would not have happened without her. he explains why he believes this & how frame removal would be relatively easy on an optical printer with little or no noticeable 'jump' in background & foreground scenes. Expect plenty more of her in upcoming announcements. Morris recalled for me the dramatic moment in the course of the nearly seven hours he spent interviewing Thompson on camera when the former professor handed him a Mannlicher-Carcano rifle identical to the one Oswald was alleged to have used, and demonstrated the slow and complicated process of reloading and resighting that Oswald would have had to have undertaken to get off three shots in six seconds. Its those bad guys rubbing their hands together, Twirling their mustaches, calculating panic, conniving. All of the films show the limo slowingbut it didnt stop. Such a leap would not go unnoticed. The Zapruder film was heavily doctored, post-production. And he notices there is a man, a bystander among the crowds waiting for the Kennedy motorcadeand hes holding an umbrella. Its pretty dramatic slowdown of the limo when you focus on that car and the motorcycles. Is it possible that Zapruder had to lower his movie camera because Elm Street slopes downward towards the overpass? These images are the legacy of one man, the voice-over concludes as a full-screen photo appears of a dignified balding figure in a dark suit: Abraham Zapruder. The message is flashed 7 times through the Also, it means Im doing something right. Ron Rosenbaum is the author of seven books of nonfiction, including The Shakespeare Wars: Clashing Scholars, Public Fiascoes, Palace Coups, and How the End Begins: The Road to a Nuclear World War III. each repeating message. Spooks. Historical proof of my methodology can be found here. *Note 2: Frame 212 is a splice also. Enjoy the performance until the lights go down and its your cue to die, that sort of thing. It's been called the most important 26 seconds of film in history: The 486 frames of 8-millimeter Bell + Howell home movie footage shot in the midday sun of Dallas on November 22, 1963, by a. And what better place to peer over ones shoulder, once the curb had filled with too many bystanders to number, than the grassy knoll? Contrarily, the CIA wanted America to theorize over the potential for conspiracy. Probably just got off the phone with John. Moreover, although Life had a copy of the film, it did little to maximize the return on its extraordinary investment. uncle ben tek not colonizing,
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