About the game

Squash is a great sport for losing weight. One  hour of the play and you can lose up to 1,000 calories. Side walls make it “difficult”  to play the out. The exchanges in squash, even at the amateur level are long and thus more work has to be performed to score the winning point. The specificity of the bounce of the ball  from the floor and side walls makes players ambitious to try to run to the next ball. Squash significantly improves the function of the circulatory system and nervous system, relaxes, discharges tension and charges us with positive physical and mental energy.
In addition, squash shapes  calf muscles, thighs and buttocks therefore arouses great interest among the ladies.

The comparison of the parameters among variety of sports showed squash repeatedly as the healthiest sport in the world (including FORBES studies). This sport is very popular in the world with fast growing reputation in Poland.
It can be practiced by everyone starting from small children up to the elderly and as a hall sport can be performed all year round, regardless of the season and weather.