The facility has got 12 courts made by CourtTech Company, certified by  World Squash Federation. Courts of this company feature the highest quality in the world! The walls show no marks of connection of the panels. Their surfaces are uniform and perfectly smooth. The ‘visiting card’ of the club is media, transparent, glass court. It is made of special tempered glass, equipped with a set of cameras and special software, allowing the audience to watch the most attractive matches, and giving the possibility to record and broadcast them via the internet (online). It is very unusual advantage in that kind of  facilities not only in Poland, but also in the World. Such a large number of courts  in a venue situates Hasta La Vista in the first place in Poland and Central Eastern Europe. The walls of the courts are filled with hot dried sand which lowers the acoustic  and provide steady bounce to the ball ensuring comfort and quality of the game.

Special, non-slip floors of Junkers Company are made of solid beech and have the highest reputation among connoisseurs of squash in the world. The most important feature is their flexibility (the ability to sag a few millimeters under the weight of the player), which very effectively reduces the load on the joints (ankle and knee) protecting against common injuries.

The object is equipped with thermal & aero regulation which is specified for the best sport halls. It is a fully automatic system which on the basis of reading sensors of CO2, humidity and   temperature, sucks fresh air and  maintains a constant temperature and humidity. The air is changed four times within an hour on each of the courts, which meets the most stringent requirements for sports facilities.