Rules of the game

The game takes place on the court with dimensions of 9.75 m to 6.4 m, which is enclosed on all four sides. There is  a transparent glass on the back so the judge and spectators can see what is happening inside. The game consists of alternat strokrs performed by the opponents. After each stroke the ball must hit the  front wall then the opponent bounces. The bounced ball can rich the front wall,  bounce up any number of times from the side and the rear walls but only once from the floor.
You can also bounce the ball from the air (volley) – that is before it bounces from the floor.The player score when the opponent don’t hit the ball before it  bounced twice.
Because competitors are on the same surface it can reflect in mutual interference. Squash is a pure game and you should always allow your opponent:
– to come to the ball,
– to do the natural attack and swing,
– play the ball in any part of the front wall.
If any of these conditions was not done the ball should be repeated (LET), or the player who was disturbed will be given a point (STROKE).